As a home owner or business in a rural setting, it may difficult to locate a company specialized in providing services to support septic holding tank pumping and even trouble shooting related to an existing drain field. To support an owner who is searching for a vendor, the below list is provided to help guide through the potential services that can be acquired from J&J Pumping and A&T Septic and Excavating.

Pumping and maintenance

  1. Holding tank pumping
  2. Sand trap cleaning
  3. Car wash and sand trap cleaning
  4. Septic system filter cleaning
  5. Septic system maintenance contracts
  6. Mound system pump replacements
  7. Mound system pump repair
  8. Septic system trouble shooting
  9. Septic system alarms

Septic system management and installation

  1. Drain field repair
  2. Drain field installation
  3. Mound system repair
  4. Mound system installation
  5. Septic system design
  6. Mound system leak management
  7. Septic system inspections
  8. Holding tank installations
  9. Septic system installations

JJ Pumping and A&T Septic and Excavating stands out from its competition by being able to efficiently care for an entire septic system, including the the tank, the pump, and the mound or drain field. This full service septic company can replace pumps, do compliance inspections, line jetting and more – services that strictly pumping companies don’t do.

Please contact us with any questions. We offer free estimates and one of our specialists is available to support your needs. Our services are affordable and our full service capability is attractive to many. We are not just a pumping company, but a full service septic system management company.