Building a New Mound Septic System

Once the planning for a septic system is completed, the steps to install a new system usually follow this process:

  1. Site plan is completed and agreement made for the installation
  2. Construction begins (see sample photos of installation below)
  3. Electrical systems tested (pumps and appropriate filter alarms)
  4. Project acceptance papers completed
  5. Septic systems begins to operate
  6. Maintenance plans organized

The photos below show an installation in progress.

Breaking the Ground.

June-July_2011 037

Digging the trench.

June-July_2011 017

June-July_2011 026

Installing the tanks.

June-July_2011 033

June-July_2011 034

June-July_2011 035

Adding gravel.

June-July_2011 044

June-July_2011 042

Placing the pipes.

June-July_2011 054

June-July_2011 055

Covering the rocks.

June-July_2011 058

June-July_2011 060

Adding top soil.

June-July_2011 063

The finished system.

June-July_2011 064