Tips for Maintaining Your System:

Your septic system is a big investment and maintaining it properly will help to minimize repair costs in the future. Here are some helpful tips to take care of your system:

  1. Do not put too much water into the septic system: typical water use is about 50 gallons per day for each person in the family.
  2. Do not add materials (chemicals, sanitary napkins, applicators, and so on) other than domestic waste water.
  3. Restrict the use of your garbage disposal.
  4. Do not pour grease or cooking oils down the sink drain.
  5. Make a diagram showing the location of your tank, drainfield, & repair area.
  6. Install a watertight concrete riser over the septic tank to simplify access.
  7. Periodically have the solids pumped out of the septic tank.
  8. Maintain adequate vegetative cover over the drainfield.
  9. Keep surface waters away from the tank and drainfield.
  10. Keep automobiles and heavy equipment off the system.
  11. Do not plan any building additions, pools, driveways, or other construction work near the septic system or the repair area.

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